Along the paths, the emerging soil is the colour of chalk. The play of sunlight on the stone creates a very particular light. Without doubt, the Quercy Blanc is well-named.

Contrasting landscapes...

Rocky plateaux and green valleys, gentle hills and streams with melodious names, Lupte, Lendou, Barguelonne, Lemboulas, paint a picture of a harmonious countryside.  This sweeping landscape and vegetation is scattered with houses, in the typical traditional architecture, all white from the colour of the building stones, with dovecotes and ochre roofs. Here and there, low dry stone walls delicately trace the boundaries of the paths and fields..

…and a palette of colours

As a result of its varied natural environment and climate, the Quercy Blanc has an exceptional wealth of flora and each season takes on a multitude of changing colours.

In spring and summer, lavender and sunflowers, broom, poppies and orchids stretch as far as the eye can see whereas autumn is coloured by the brown and orange hues of the oaks and maples as well as the vines.