Heritage and ancient stones

White stone reflects the light and gives the Quercy Blanc buildings a particular character and charm. Scattered with evidence of its rich history, the heritage of this region can be discovered by chance during a walk, at the end of a path, on the summit of a hill…

On the trail of history

Like an heritage, the villages carry traces left by man since the Middle Ages.
Seen from afar, the XIIth century keep watches over the medieval town of Montcuq, its ramparts and narrow alleyways. Castelnau-Montratier is built on a bastide plan from the XIIIth century with its covered arcades, checker-board pattern of roads and half-timbered facades. Each village draws its heritage from more or less distant times which have left behind them remarkable features: doors, facades, staircases, bell-towers…
Some castles and residences of character are unassuming whereas in the heart of villages or isolated in a forgotten valley, crosses, churches and Romanesque chapels bear witness to the great spiritual momentum which drove medieval Quercy Blanc.
Perched on the crest of a hill, nestled in a valley, wind and watermills, some still working, are silent witnesses to a rich and prosperous past.
Some of these buildings are classed as historic monuments.

Houses in white stone

White stone is a characteristic feature of Quercy Blanc buildings. The architecture of the traditional houses show typical features such as the "bolet". Very often, a dovecote is attached to a rural property. Bread ovens, wells, small barns and other outbuildings used for agriculture are often found around the main house. The gently sloping roofs of the houses are made with roman tiles.

A hidden heritage

At a bend in the road, at the bottom of a valley or the summit of a hill, drystone walls, springs, shepherd’s huts, wells and communal wash-houses are evidence of the builders’ skills from long ago. These buildings are the subject of protection and conservation measures undertaken by associations which maintain and restore this heritage.

montcuq tower

You can discover this beautiful and emblematic monument of the village open to the visit in July and August and for the Heritage days.
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boisse windmill

Open several times a year, visit this heritage jewel.
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