Special events

Among the events which take place in the Quercy Blanc throughout the year, some are definitely special and not to be missed, having appeared regularly for many years.


Quercy Blanc and the performing arts festival

The oldest festival in the Midi-Pyrénées, this classical music gathering is not to be missed. On several dates, in several locations, soloists, quartets and other larger orchestras introduce or reintroduce some of the major works of the classical repertoire.
Founded in 1978, the festival has welcomed over the years numerous prestigious artists such as Anne Queffelec, Alice Ader, Marielle Nordmann, Alexander Lagoya and also Ivry Gitlis... It's a long list!

Info: Tph 05 65 22 90 73,

In July & August throughout the Quercy Blanc


"Chanson à texte" music festival

This festival began in 2004 on the occasion of a concert performed in the private courtyard of a Quercy Blanc house where the comedian Henri Courseaux revealed an unknown side to his talents: author-composer-interpreter.
The programme seeks to promote the language of French songs and introduces us each year to talented artists, little or unknown in the media, during evenings when “Lotois” gastronomy is also on the menu. The public is invited to meet the artists each day.

Info: Tph. 06 83 09 78 34

At Montcuq in July


Coteaux du Quercy wine festival

At the beginning of August each year, the winegrowers' federation of Coteaux du Quercy organises its wine festival. From 10 am until late into the night, successive wine tastings, sales of regional products and handicrafts, demonstrations of bygone trades, children’s games and varied activities are available for all the family to enjoy along with musical accompaniment. The principle is simple: the visitors buy an AOC glass which allows them to taste all the wines of all the winemakers present.
Info: Tph. 05 63 63 59 66,

First weekend in August alternating each year between Castelnau-Montratier and Montpezat-de-Quercy (82)

Night of the stars

This national event is a special moment to discover the sun and the sky: constellations, shooting stars, the Milky Way, etc…

On the programme each year: observation of the sun from 5 pm to 7 pm in front of the Montcuq tourist information office, then observation of the sky from 9 pm to midnight at le Pech Piquet near to Saint-Daunès – all is organised by the volunteers of the Astronomy Club of Gigouzac.

Info: Tph. 05 65 31 87 67,

The first weekend in August at Montcuq and Saint-Daunès


Le Nombre d'Or - Golden number

This cultural meeting gives the public, both young and old, experienced or not, the opportunity to discover and appreciate all forms of artistic creation with a strong emphasis on quality.
The festival welcomes all creative styles: painting, sculpture, photography, performances, installations... Throughout the year, exhibitions, children’s training courses, conferences and concerts take place at different locations.
Info: Tph. 06 86 93 33 93,

In July-August at Saint-Laurent-Lolmie and Montcuq


"Saint-Paul à la rue" - Street art

Theatre, clowns, circuses, storytelling, magic, music... street art is performed across the village in daily and evening shows (entry free of charge).

Catering on site where local produce is prepared and served “as at home”.
Info: Tph. 05 65 21 87 29

On alternate years in June at Saint-Paul-de-Loubressac.

La Rue des Enfants - Children's festival

La Rue des Enfants is a two-day festival in the alleyways and courtyards of Montcuq. Puppets, circuses, poetic clowns, classical and contemporary theatre, readings, storytelling, concerts, the programme is as diverse as possible to give children of all ages different and stimulating experiences of the arts. “The Children’s Village” houses creative and recreational workshops.
Info: Tph. 05 65 24 35 77,

Mid-September at Montcuq

Les 2 Jours de Montcuq - The 2 days of Montcuq

Each year this renowned, international, endurance horse race welcomes riders from all over the world. The challenge: to cover 200 km on horseback over 2 days. It’s a meeting of the best in the world for this speciality.

Info: Tph. 05 65 24 35 77

First weekend in November at Montcuq