Markets and village festivals

The Quercy Blanc is a traditional region where getting together is a way of life. Markets and village festivals are just such occasions to meet up and chat. Where local skills rub shoulders with cuisine, crafts, arts, shows…


The markets, a showcase for producers

Weekly Sunday morning markets, seasonal farmers’ markets in July and August, Christmas markets... colourful and lively, the Quercy Blanc markets have a knack of stimulating your appetite and waking up your tastebuds. Melons, honey, wine, bread, cabécous, fruit, vegetables and also local handicrafts… all year round temptation is within easy reach.


Village festivals

Every year on the same date, villages honour their patron saint. Over a weekend, entertainment for all, belote and pétanque competitions, maybe a funfair, an attic clear-out sale… which everyone can enjoy throughout the day in squares and alleyways that echo with the sounds and laughter of the players and spectators.

From midday and into the evening everyone gets together around long tables where traditional products and dishes are served, whilst music draws in the dancers until the end of the night.


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